I have a prediction…

In the not too distant future…when virtual reality becomes common place, there will be virtual all you can eat buffet’s…

You chuck on your magical goggles/head thinga-ma-jiggy and you gorge yourself silly…McDonalds would charge for the pleasure of consuming virtual Big Mac’s of course….but someone would come out with a cheap generic version and call them the Big Mizz.  People would swear black and blue they can tell the difference and pay for the real deal.

You’d feel full, you’d feel satisfied, but gain zero inches on your waistline!

It’s genius I tell’s ya, and I want it NOW!

I love food.  Adore it.  It’s like a drug.  A waist stretching, heart clogging, diabetes causing addiction…..and its totally legal.

Actually if this virtual world existed I’d probably die of starvation after never switching it off.  It would carry a warning whenever you hook it up, recommending you get up, stretch and do something else at 30 minute intervals.  We all now how strictly the general public follow that recommendation on computer and video game use so I’m sure we’d all be fine.

Yep my weight loss has been going brilliantly……(please note this line was dripping with finger-lickingly greasy sarcasm)…

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