Sherdie’s Question

Sherd said…….. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live, and why?

hmmm….good question. At certain times I have and I’m sure in the future will be 100% set on living in a certain location. However at the moment there are several different places that sound terribly appealing to me…


Japan – Mitch and I both have a deep desire to return to Japan! The last time we were there was in 1998 (oh dear I just realised that was 10 years ago!) and we have dreamed up ways of getting back there since we were married.


England – Call it the english blood pumping through my veins or perhaps my obsessive love for brittish television (which is probably due to the english blood thing so not really a second option at all….hmmm) or perhaps I’ve just read one too many books by Ben Elton and J K Rowling……


Europe – perhaps more of a “if only I could pack up and travel around Europe for the next couple of years” rather then a wanting to live there….however I do have this probably completely “based on fiction” ideal of living with an Italian family with the plump motherly one who’s brash, pushy and pumps out a spread of all my droolingly delicious favourite Italian foods several times a day! Maybe its just a food thing?

1 thought on “Sherdie’s Question”

  1. Well done Jen!

    That was a very thought-provoking post. I liked the way you used pictures the push home each of the points you made, and that you really do have personal reasons for wanting to visit/re-visit each of those places – even if it is just for the food 😉


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