over a month! ouch!

…actually it feels like its been longer then a month…

….I suppose it has been considering I hadn’t been blogging properly for quite a while prior to that…

Now I’m in a bit of a pickle…

…what to blog about?

…where to begin?

…some stuff has happened….

…nothing earth-shatteringly important of course…

how about I start from the most boring and insignificant and work my way up? yes? no?….you don’t care? pppffft! whatever! I’m doing it anyway! oh shut up!!!



I was a tad slack on returning books to our local library a few years back and thus assume I have now been black listed (we still have two library books……after the late fee’s reached a certain point….well….yeah…….I know….naughty naughty!).

So being me, instead of going into our local library, paying late fee’s, apologising and being all adult about it…..

…….I decided to whip out my very old and ragged Brisbane Library membership card and attempt to try this whole library borrowing and RETURNING thing one more time.

They ended up resigning me up as my card was a little ancient and no longer on their system.

So far so good….I actually RETURNED some books last week!!! Amazing stuff!! I’m so proud!


Viewing Pleasure (mine, not yours!)

I’ve been feeling rather hermit-like of late and since last blogging I have watched all 5 seasons of “Cold Feet”, all 3 seasons of “Love My Way”, the first season of “Life on Mars”, the first season of “Punky Brewster” (Adam has an unnatural liking for this particular show….he’s rather fond of Gilmore Girls also (or Goo-more Girls as he calls it) ), plus all our shows that have returned this season. Movie wise I won’t list them all, but the notable ones off the top of my head (and we’re talking dvd’s I’m too pov to go to the movies) are “Stranger Than Fiction” and “The Pursuit of Happyness”……..Mitch wasn’t as nuts about Stranger than Fiction as I was though he still enjoyed it! Ooooh and I did see “Stardust” it was awesome!!! I don’t know if its just me….but I can’t remember the last time I saw a number of movies in succession that didn’t have any “ick” factor and were actually good!! I’m on a roll!


Reading it Up

Hermit+Library Membership=Book Monstering

I re-read the Farseer Trilogy (Robin Hobb)….and yes I know…I have an obsession…and his name is Fitz…….but honestly you get SOOOO much out of the re-read in Robin Hobb’s books…..so many things I missed! I’ve read the first book (Assassins Apprentice) 3 and a half times now and I swear it never gets old. Amazing considering Assassins Apprentice sat in a box for 4 years un-read until Mitch got desperate for something to read one day….and he and I both found the beginning slow and uninspiring……..

I think the re-read is what sets a good book apart from an amazing book!

So anyway….after reading those I began Shaman’s Crossing (Robin Hobb again)…..but Mitch made me a little paranoid that I may be getting myself stuck on one author. I definitely don’t want to do that! So I put down Shaman’s Crossing and attempted for the third time to make it through “Magician” (Raymond Feist). I forced my way through it and though I wouldn’t have called it a great book, it was definitely a wonderful story…..its the delivery that didn’t inspire me. However! I then went on to read the next books in the Riftwar Saga to discovery Feist improves tremendously in the writing of his second and subsequent books!

I finished Silverthorn a few days after borrowing it out and Darkness at Sethanon at about the same speed. We do own the Riftwar Saga (I tend to follow in Mitch’s footsteps when it comes to fantasy….definitely makes purchasing a book economical in this household, between us we’ll usually read each book at least twice)….we have however lost our versions and I wasn’t waiting for them to turn up so I borrowed them out.

I’ve just begun a re-read of the beginning of Magician….and with the foreknowledge of the characters it is certainly more interesting this time round. I’ve also begun “Prince of the Blood”. I’ll go back to Shaman’s Crossing shortly.

I have some Jodi Picoult lying around the place waiting for me to read and I did start Memoires of a Geisha whilst at my mother-in-laws house….it disappeared the following week though…so I might have to borrow it out.

ooooh and then I have the Prequels to the Left Behind series to start on….my Dad read the first two in the weekend I read all of Darkness at Sethanon.

See….told ya I’d start boring 😉 I’m soooo rambling…….I’m kinda waiting for midnight as we used up our download limit this month and the net will magically become usable again at midnight….yay!


Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Now if you mean healthy as in feeling shit, wealthy as in we bought an air conditioner and overdrew the credit card completely and wise as in getting old and fat….then that sums me up perfectly!

The Merina coil…it just popped right out……

….I’d like to blame shoddy workmanship….but the truth is it was probably my incessant fiddling with the “strings” that tugged it loose. I’m such a child sometimes! For those not in the know (wait maybe you don’t want to be in the “know)….after the Merina is inserted their are strings that hang down from the cervix. The doctor mentioned to me that they used to advise women on how to “check for the strings” before intercourse just to be safe. They don’t do that anymore as once in there its unlikely it will fall out (yeah right).

Being the child I am I came straight home and felt for the strings. After discovering them it became a daily obsession checking on the strings….”are they in the same spot?”, “what happens if I twist them together?”, “were they always hanging that far down?”….etc. etc.

So string twiddling became Merina’s downfall.

Its not all bad news….Merina was a complete pain in the butt, much like Implanon really. Same mood swings, weight gain, inability to shift any weight, breakout of pimples like I have never seen before (worse with Merina than with Implanon actually), weird bleeding pattern etc. etc.

It seems my body is all for the whole growing babies thing but loathes the whole birth control thing. Kinda sux really! Mitch has once again offered to put his manly bits on the line and get the “snip” “snip”….it costs $500 however….and we’ll have to talk them into doing the procedure on a 23 year old!


The Twisted Three

Children. Yes, Children.

Driving me batty!

When I eventually locate the camera cord I’ll put some recent photos of the munchkins up…..stories of their escapades just don’t do them justice without illustrations.


Fluoro Pink Scrunchies

Remember the days of the big scrunchies? I remember my friends 7th birthday party had a pass the parcel with little descriptions on each layer to choose who got to remove it….one of them was “one with the most colourful scrunchy”……..yep…most certainly born in the 80’s baby!!!


That’s all for now…I was just using you to fill in time….its now 12:30…..

5 thoughts on “over a month! ouch!”

  1. Glad to see you’re back! I always enjoying reading about your experiences…

    On Facebook? I’m not sure of your name, but you can add me as a friend: Eric Vanman!

    -The Prof


  2. My god and here i was starting to think you had left the country 😦

    Meanwhile Magician is the best book ever! I have read it oh…10times at last count?

    Actually I might go start reading it again…. its looking really dog-eared though..

    And come visit me 😦 I am lonely!


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