Terribly interesting stuff!

A quick review of our average Saturday morning….

Get up

Shove more clothes on over the top of my bed tracky dacks (hmmm….Sweats?)

Rug up the kids in a few layers depending on the severity of the chill

Crowd into the car

Splash warm water on the windows, windscreen and back windscreen if its icey

Back out of the driveway like a mad woman

We’re late (naturally)

If its a home game…..Race to our soccer field

Non-home game….

Race to the general area of the soccer game’s location (suburb, main road…etc. etc.)

Guaranteed to take a few wrong turns….

Possibly become completely lost and call someone who is actually at the game to get directions….

We eventually arrive

Alex jumps out of the car and races over to his team…they may or may not have begun the game….

I get the pram out and get Adam and James out

Race over to the field

Set up chairs

Sit and Watch the game whilst stuffing our faces with snacks



Adam and Alex discussing tactics

Adam stuffing his face

James eating a biscuit

Me sporting my schmexy hat

4 thoughts on “Soccer”

  1. blazer – organised? hmmm…I’m shocked anyone would dare use that word in relation to myself 😉 chaos on the other hand…

    steph – “soccer mom” is soooo over-rated 😉


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