Why are relationships so crazy difficult? I don’t just mean relationships of the romantic kind….interpersonal relations in general…

Two people living within their own body, their own mind, their own thought process…with different back ground’s (some widely different others just involving different faces, times, places), different personality types, differing opinions, differing conflict resolution styles….

…seeing each other in a different light, offering the other only certain parts of themselves, projecting themselves as the person they want the other to believe they are….

…pretences…….sounds so…fraudulent….but we all do it? don’t we?

…we shape ourselves into who we want to be….

…or we watch ourselves spiral out of control into something we deep down feared we were capable of being…

…perhaps a little like our parents?

…maybe taking on view’s and characteristics of someone we hang out with a lot…maybe its a good thing?…maybe your a sheep? …maybe your a goat? …maybe your entirely insignificant?

…are you wrong? are you right? do you even think on it long enough to care?

…so many variables…two peoples feelings to consider…two people’s interest to maintain…two sides of a conversation…two points of view

It’s a miracle of nature that any two people can co-exist successfully…

…Isolating ones self can sound awfully attractive at times

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  1. This post has the makings of a good poem. Or country/western song.

    But it is true. Relationships, from casual to devotion, is built on upon a foundation of presuppositions about ourselves and how we see others. And invariably we see ourselves different than how others see us, and visa versa. Makes one wonder how we get along at all sometimes. Except that my wife can really cook- now THAT’S a building block to a man’s heart.



  2. I find relationship are hard because of a few reason. For myself I don’t know if I trust my judgement to trust the other person. For myself they may be so honest and the view things differently and it hurts your heart. For me I find I am rough edges that I don’t know how to fix yet hurt people that try to get close to me. I find some friendship because they have been judge and hurt before by some one that seems like me hurt them. Relationship are meant to be work but , some are more work than. Others. I love your writings. It always make me think and I choose to better me after reading
    Thank you


    1. I’m glad it’s not just me but at the same time I’m sorry you find relationships so difficult too Heather. I like what you said about relationships being meant to be work…but some are just so much more hard work than others! I can also completely relate to you struggling to trust your own judgement when choosing to trust another person or not….it doesn’t help when we’ve trusted the wrong people in the past and been let down or hurt….we lose even more trust in ourselves. I do think our gut instincts about people can be really spot on if we just trust and tune in with our physical and emotional state after leaving a social interaction with a new/certain person. Often we just feel a bit ‘off’ after being around a new ‘friend’ even though on the surface nothing that was said was ‘off’……often times those feelings of ‘something not being quite right’ I find for me prove to be spot on in the end…even if I couldn’t pin point why I felt that way at the time.

      …then there are people that are just struggling through like we are and they have no ill intent…but things just don’t connect for whatever reason…that can make me sad too…but as long as both people have good intentions those interactions are a lot easier for me to let go of as I get older. Some people just aren’t meant to be in the inner circle, you know? When I was younger I would feel awful about myself that I failed to form strong bonds with casual acquaintances….but I really don’t think it’s just me in retrospect. I think a lot of people struggle to find people they ‘click’ with…and that’s okay.

      I still have a habit of mostly avoiding social interactions for the most part and prefer to just be around my family…but sometimes pushing myself to socialise with a group can be a good for me…it gives me new perspectives on me as a person (not always seeing myself through my husband or kids eyes but having people sometimes enjoy a conversation with me for my own sake, not because I’m family and they live with me!).

      Thank you for your encouragement Heather 🙂 🙂


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