• Master 6 and Master 3 playing in the backyard, late afternoon before the chill sets in.
  • I run a warm bath, undress Master 1 and place him in the bath (much to his excitement).
  • Master 1 has a very successful bath he let’s me wash his hair with no drama’s, he plays nicely and stays sitting down (he likes to stand and bounce if given the option).
  • The bathroom is still warm from the hot water so I get him out, dry him off, slather him with sorbolene (he has horrible dry eczema like me) and take him out to get dressed.
  • I dress him in three layers with the fourth (possibly fifth) layer to come before bedtime.
  • Master 1 is happy, I’m happy…..not one inkling of me freaking out (rare…very rare!)

All this probably sounds fairly normal to you all.

For me this was a ridiculously well planned out bathing experience.

  • Normally I don’t bath the boys until after picking Mitch up (so after 6pm) at which time it is significantly colder.
  • Ordinarily I chuck all three boys in at the same time which can go well for a period of time whilst they play together….it eventually turns pear shaped and they argue, slosh water all over the place, Master 1 refuses to sit down.
  • The bathroom is freezing so I wrap Master 1 in a towel and take him out to the lounge room.
  • Master 1 cries and tantrum’s when I try and lay him down/stand him up.
  • Too cold for sorbolene have to try and do that during a later nappy change and under clothing.
  • He cries and I get grumpy with him as he won’t let me put his clothes on and I have to wrestle them on.

……….So today I was rather pleased with myself!

…..big mistake….

  • I get the boys inside whilst the bath water is still warm….
  • In the time it takes me to carry something from the lounge room to the kitchen Master 1 has raced down to the bathroom…

Master 6 yells out, laughing……”Master 1 is in the BATH!”

….fully clothed…


………………serves me right I suppose…………………………..

3 thoughts on “Grizzle”

  1. Isn’t it always the case? Our girl hates the bath, our boy loves it. So every day it is a success and a tragedy!


  2. Corbs acts like I am trying to kill him.

    I swear to god every time i bath him – i always expect to hear the neighbours banging down my door to find out why i am torturing my son..

    God forbid he gets clean. :O


  3. Karianne – I hear ya! A friend’s little girl hated bath’s too and I remember her Mum’s daily fight to get her clean! I should be grateful James loves the bath….maybe he likes it a little too much though!

    Gemma – Awww Poor Corbs, your such a mean mother šŸ˜‰


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