Lazy Cook #2

Not sure if anyone but me would actually like this one…lol….but its quick, dirties only one saucepan and all in all is extremely lazy.

Corn and Crab Soup

2 x 400g tin of Creamed Corn
1 x 170g tin of Crab Meat (weight’s may vary….Woolworths has these on the shelves with the tuna and other tinned fish)
4 Cups of Chicken Stock (I use the powdered chicken stock…my mum made this with the “real” stock cartons and it didn’t taste as nice…she may have done something else different…so not sure if that made a difference)
1 tbsp of Soy Sauce (I use salt reduced as the stock already makes this one quite salty…shouldn’t make too much of a difference really, unless your sensitive to salt….some may prefer 2 tbsp’s of soy sauce….just trial and error)
(optional) Shallots/Green Onion – I lost the original recipe years ago……it had shallots listed in the ingredients…I can’t remember the quantity…..a handful of them would be fine I’d imagine


Chuck the chicken stock and shallots (if using) into a medium to large sized saucepan over medium heat. Bring to the boil and simmer for a few minutes. Add the creamed corn and crab meat. Stir through until all ingredients are heated through. Add Soy Sauce just before serving.

Like I said….dead easy!

**This is an old Super Food Ideas recipe

2 thoughts on “Lazy Cook #2”

  1. Write a cookbook. Call it, “Dead EZ Cokking from Mummy & Her Boys”.

    Put a photo of the boys in their flanel PJ’s on the front.

    And you, of course, in your mysterious spy outfit.


  2. mysterious spy outfit hey? yes….it sounds like a plan…

    I could print it out at Mum’s, staple it and sell it for 50 cents on ebay….It’d be a huge hit I’m sure


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