A Ditzy Week In Review…. 2nd Edition

Leaving preschool the other day…..I lost sight of Alex for a moment. I saw him hanging off the railing at the stairs, something I always tell him not to do.

Alexander, come here!…..
Alex!! come here please!
Alexander get down from there now, please!

I move over to the railing and stand above him

Get down…
Get down NOW!!!

at this point the child on the railing gets down and looks up at me in utter confusion….

It wasn’t Alex…..

and this week’s favourite

I lost my purse today….I’ve checked everywhere….I remember having it when I left the butcher…..
I have this awful feeling I may have left it on the top of the car….

5 thoughts on “A Ditzy Week In Review…. 2nd Edition”

  1. Hmmmmmm……… butchers are notorious for chopping up purses.

    I like the story about Alex. That could have caused a row with that kid’s mum.


  2. and that is why after turning several shades of pink I skidaddled down the stairs, grabbed Alexander’s hand (he’d been waiting patiently just in front of the stairs…naturally) and did a runner….


  3. Losing a purse is a hassle. Mrs Fitz has done this many times. Plus other misadventures like leaving a credit card in a Singapore taxi, etc.

    It’s not so much the dollars lost, but all the hard work running around replacing medicare cards, driver’s licences etc.

    One time, she dropped her purse overboard a boat off the east coast of NZ. She lamented that she had only had that driver’s licence for two months, “… and that was the best driver’s licence photo I’ve ever had! Wah!”


  4. oh it must be a female thing…I love my current drivers license photo! credit card was my first thought, then drivers license…followed by my annoyance as I had just purchased $10 worth of postage stamps earlier that day…

    fortunately it was just ditz coming back to haunt me…I scoured the entire car and didn’t find it…..Mitch gets in the car on Saturday morning and finds it immediately…. *sigh*

    Thank goodness for that though! I was not looking forward to all the hassle of replacing everything…sheesh!

    Oh and it soothes me to know that Mrs Fitz (obviously a clever woman given her chosen profession) is also a little ditzy with her purse….


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