Pegs, pegs, pegs……….and iceblocks

I have some weirdness’s (yep prob not a real word…I’m ok with it)……I’m man (*ahem* woman) enough to own up to them…..

1. I’m late….consistently late….to just about EVERYTHING! (by the way I was on time to prep this morning!!!!!!! there were other mother’s there and everything…zomg! amazing!)
I try…really honestly I do…ok…I could probably try a little harder….but only an eensy bit harder….
It’s a combination of poor time management skills, bad luck, being disorganised and being easily distracted. ( I will go into further detail on this one another time and give you an example of my morning’s).

2. The Peg thing…………..I match the colours of my pegs when hanging out the washing. Personally I don’t think this is all that weird….I like them to match…what’s the big deal? Mitch bugs me about it….tells me not to feed the “obsessive” tendency and just randomly pick pegs. I just can’t do it….they have to match…they just have to I tell ya!!!
Fortunately Mitch is rarely at home when I hang washing on the line! It used to be matching pegs on each item of clothing (two pink pegs, then two blue pegs etc.). I decided it would be simpler if I just did one colour on each side of the line (the longer lines have a colour each and the two shorter ones share the remaining colour).
Oh and I like the clothes hung a certain way and on certain parts of the line (i.e underwear goes on the inner lines, I only use the first two lines on each side because I’m convinced spiders will breed in my clothing if I use the inner ones, I don’t put the clothes too close to the end of the line (spider thing again). I hang the clothes up in whichever way I deem they will dry the fastest (i.e I never put the thick zipper part of jeans where I peg…I let it flap open to get air flow….same with shirts…I hang them upside down so that the thick collared bit has air flow).

3. Cleaning obsessions – This one is a mystery……..my house is a mess (as I have established in other posts)……and everything is far from spotless!! Yet I will get paranoid about things like:


Those are iceblocks (if you couldn’t tell) and yes….I washed them up……..
I was convinced they had touched something potentially gross in the freezer. Come on now…you put your MOUTH on these…….ewww…….I have no proof they touched anything…I just have this “feeling”
So they now sparkle (I am planning on rinsing off the suds before putting them back in the freezer…..obviously….
I am also paranoid about the toilet….I clean that thing daily most of the time. In my defence I do have 2 little boys using it….as a female…I just don’t get it….how freaking hard is it to pee IN the toilet? drips, sprays….ewww….girl’s are so much cleaner…..though I would kill to be able to go into a public toilet with the option of touching nothing but myself and possibly the door handle to the toilets (though you can easily get around this one if your patient of course).

there are more I’m sure….I only really thought about the peg and iceblock one when I had finished washing up the iceblocks and realised how odd they looked on the drying up rack….hmmm

6 thoughts on “Pegs, pegs, pegs……….and iceblocks”

  1. Let me see if I understand you. You’re house is decorated in Aussie Slobbie, yet you color coordinate clothes pegs and wash and stack freezer items. And you want to know if this is odd?

    There once was a woman called “mummy”.
    Her ideas on cleaning were a bit rummy.
    But the clothes pegs all match;
    ‘Freezer’s clean down to the latch.
    And she wonders if we think she’s a dummy.

    OK, ok, all kidding aside. I think we all have similar nuances. But, gee, the ice pops???


  2. lol, gee blazer you should stick a copyright on your “Mummy B Limmerick”, genius…pure genius 😉 I feel so honoured 🙂 hehe

    yes…I realise I may just be the only one on the planet who washes up their iceblocks…but when your writhing in pain from food poisoning don’t come whinging to me buddy!!!!!


  3. Is it bad to admit that I had no idea what iceblocks were?

    I do odd things as well. My husband would love the house to be cleaner, but I try my best. I think lived in houses are cozy!


  4. I also used to have the peg fetish thing – G still does. In the end I got tired of having to match the pegs so I forced myself to stop doing it… after a few weeks I finally forgot about even wanting to match pegs 🙂 I don’t think it’s weird but it is obsessive (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing!). Tell Mitch that if matching pegs is the worst vice you have, then he (and you) are doing very well indeed 🙂


  5. I’ve considered trying to buy a packet of pegs with just the one colour….but it wouldn’t give me the same satisfaction….hmmm

    now if I start matching the pegs to the colour of the clothing….then he can worry


  6. Karianne – oh I must use the “lived in houses are cosy”…in with my “increase of asthma in children is quite possibly due to the over sanitising of our homes” excuse…..hehehee

    Boff – I think Mitch secretly wishes I was as obsessive as his Mum with housework….he’s probably only paranoid about the peg thing because it doesn’t benefit him in any way…lol. Good work breaking your “peg matching” obsession 😉


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