I just woke up….on the lounge room floor, beneath the computer desk. Neck’s a little stiff….but this isn’t the first time I’ve fallen asleep in an uncomfortable spot.

What did I awake to? The sound of the garbage truck emptying the bin of the house AFTER ours……yeah it seems I forgot to put the stupid bin out….NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

…..and to think all the times I got shirty at Mitch for forgetting to put the bin out…..

*note* the bin has been my job officially since Adam was a baby (before then I’d just do it and grumble….heheheee)………and I haven’t forgotten it once in 3 years…..damnit!! (oh there was the time I was in hospital having James….but that soooo doesn’t count).

4 thoughts on “grr….”

  1. I call it the “Sleep Deprivation Pass Out”…..it can happen anywhere, anytime……

    I don’t actually recall getting off the chair though…normally I wake up with my head on the computer desk….at some point instead of going and crawling into bed I’ve grabbed a pair of pants off the ironing pile and used them as a pillow on the floor….go figure!


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