On thursday afternoon James had a MCU done at the Mater Children’s Hospital.

Quick back story:

On June 23rd on a different blog I posted:

“Just arrived home from a doctor’s appointment for James and Alex. Both boys needed immunisations. Alex was very brave (bribed with lollies!) and didn’t put up too much of a fight
James however has lost weight since his last checkup (70g) as opposed to gaining weight as expected! I have noticed over the last few weeks, he has become very lethargic and isn’t feeding as long or as efficiently as he has previously. So needless to say I’ve been getting very worried about my little man. The other two boys have only ever “gained” weight as babies….I’ve never had a baby “lose” weight! In fact even at 5 years and 2 years old, Alex and Adam have never “lost” weight (as far as I’ve been aware anyway).
Praying there is nothing seriously wrong. At this point the doctor has suggested taking a urine sample and getting some blood tests. Hopefully it is just a small infection that he is fighting off and will recover from asap.”

When test results came back, James was put on a course of antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. Our family doctor then mentioned that it is uncommon for a baby of his age (3 months) to have a UTI, and that further tests may be needed to check for Urinary reflux.

To cut a long story short! Our paediatrician sent James for an MCU.

We were running late, and our 2pm appointment ended up being rescheduled for 3pm. James was a little irritable to begin with. Once in there the nurse put local anaesthetic in and around his uretha. She inserted a tube INTO his uretha, filling his bladder with fluid and dye. X-rays were taken. James cried and reached out for cuddles frantically during the whole procedure. I had to hold down his arms and keep his body still whilst it was taking place. The nurse had his legs pinned. It was just awful for my poor little man. He was so sad, reaching out for cuddles and absolutely inconsolable. The only disadvantage to breastfeeding in this instance was that I couldn’t feed him whilst he was on the table….a bottle fed baby may have calmed down with a bottle. He was so agitated he wasn’t relieving his full bladder. They needed him to pass urine to complete the x-ray’s.

Once that was all over, I was finally able to pick James up! Lots of cuddles and a feed calmed him down. The doctor then came in to give us the results:

James has Urinary Reflux in both kidney’s. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the worst) the severity of his reflux is a 2 to 3. This means it isn’t severe enough to require surgery at this point but he will need to remain on a daily dose of antibiotics until the age of 2 (I’m guessing they will then test him again to see if it has corrected itself). The daily dose of antibiotics will ensure his urine remains sterile, preventing further urinary tract infections.

I am so grateful he doesn’t need surgery…I honestly don’t know how I would have coped with my baby going under the knife! The MCU was heartbreaking enough!

James has been extremely clingy since his “ordeal”. Yesterday, I was unable to put him down without him crying his little heart out. This is a regular occurance with James (very cuddly baby), his crying was far more intense yesterday. He really didn’t want to be left alone! Poor baby!

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